Liberty Corrosion Solutions are the nationwide MIC corrosion experts

Keep MIC and corrosion out of your fire sprinkler system

Control MIC with a plan. Regular MIC maintenance is proven to keep your system running at its maximum capacity. Our preferred recommendation for testing is quarterly, or annually at minimum.

A Liberty Corrosion Solutions MIC maintenance plan includes:

  • Regular checks of your fire sprinkler system, its pipes, sprinkler heads.
  • Field water testing, or lab testing, if necessary.

The more you know about MIC, the more confidence you will have in the reliability of your fire sprinkler system. Do not compromise the integrity of your fire sprinkler system. MIC maintenance and control is key!

Liberty Corrosion Solutions, the nationwide microbiologically influenced corrosion MIC testing and treatment experts. Providing MIC detection, treatment and maintenance programs in fire sprinkler systems throughout America.

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